Juliana Savia Clayton

I write young adult novels and picture books. Currently, I’m working on a YA Romcom. I am an active SCBWI member, serving as the Indiana chapter’s Volunteer Coordinator. I am also a member of the Indiana Writers Center. In my day job, I edit environmental documents, and I have one published non-fiction article in my field.

Want your first chapter critiqued?

I’d love to!

Fee is $5 for first chapters up to 5k words, and $10 for chapters between 5k – 10k words. Please contact me via the form on my contact page. I accept payment by Venmo.


Emily Matheis
PB and Adult Mystery novel writer, rep’d by Rebecca Angus of Golden Wheat Literary

“Juliana and I met by chance thanks to the SCBWI after being paired with other writers for a critique group. Several years later, Juliana is my most trusted writing advisor and champion to the point where I wonder if I can send things to my agent without her seal of approval! She is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest in finding nuance, subtlety, flare, and poignancy in manuscript drafts and has put all of my work on a course for success. I wouldn’t be where I am as a writer without Juliana. If she reviews your works-in-progress, consider yourself on the track to publication.”

Cassie Miller
YA writer, rep’d by Ann Rose of The Prospect Agency

“Juliana has a fantastic knack for finding inventive ways for writers to develop that one scene or one relationship, asking questions whose answers not only fix a story’s problems but those which making the writer see his/her story in an entirely new light. Her positivity and encouragement always moves a writer forward toward his/her goal!”

Zoey Pincelli
Adult Thriller writer

“Juliana’s awesome. She gives a great mix of reaction (which I think most writers crave–I certainly do) and critique (which we all need!), so you feel as if you’ve gotten both a reader and a writer’s eye on your work. Her comments have been instrumental to my WIP–but especially in my first chapter, where first impressions are vital. I can’t recommend her enough!”

YA Speculative Fiction writer

“Juliana’s critiques are thorough and direct. She goes beyond an understanding of grammatical rules, getting to know your narrative voice and helping you make sure your rules are applied consistently. And you don’t get just a list of problems from her. You’ll also hear lots about what’s working, and the parts that excite her. Highly recommended to help improve your manuscript!”