First Chapters

A just-for-laughs blog where I review first chapters of classic works in the role of a friendly critique partner!

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Comps and Agent Personalization 101: A Continued Guide To Following Absolutely Every Absolute Rule At The Same Time (In An Industry With No Absolutes)

Comps (short for comparative titles) are a crucial part of your query letter. They’re a great way to draw an agent in, unless an agent hates the book(s) you comp to, which you would have no way of knowing. Comps should be published within the last five years, and they must be well-known. However, if…

Anne of Green Gables

In this installment of First Chapters, I review the aforementioned chapter of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. Folks. This one was painful. I ADORE this book, and trying to find anything at all to comment on required unprecedented levels of nit-pickiness. I suppose I’ll run into that problem a lot as I review…

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